Corporate Traveller's strength in diversity

In a world that thrives on differences, Corporate Traveller proudly stands as a kaleidoscope of talents, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Our people are our number one priority, and equality is our policy. Everyone has the same career opportunities, rights and privileges, and our success lies within our unique differences. For us, diversity isn't just a buzzword, it's the cornerstone of our success and the compass for guiding us toward a more inclusive future.

“Truly understanding the makeup of our diversity is a giant step in the right direction for us at Corporate Traveller as we aim to grow and support our people and customers into the future.” - General Manager of Corporate Traveller New Zealand, Angie Forsyth.

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Diversity and Inclusion

As part of Flight Centre Travel Group, Corporate Traveller has a dedicated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee which steers our commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive workplace.

This committee is tasked with spearheading the development and execution of transformative initiatives and is instrumental in cultivating unity, dismantling barriers, and fostering a more equitable distribution of opportunities.

The committee works hard to ensure that our commitment to unity and equity goes beyond rhetoric, shaping a workplace that thrives on inclusivity, embraces diversity, and creates lasting social impact.

At the heart of our commitment to cultural inclusivity is Te Rōpū o Te Reo Māori, our voluntary Māori language committee, which has played a pivotal role in fostering a workplace environment where our people feel encouraged and supported in confidently embracing the use of Te Reo Māori.

Having a clear view of where we are sitting with our team's diversity means that we can put clear strategies and goals in place to empower our people to have confidence to be unashamedly authentic in who they are and how they work.

“It's a journey that I believe is an important one and one that will take our business to new heights as we continue to embrace and support our people in ways that make a difference for them!” - General Manager of Corporate Traveller New Zealand, Angie Forsyth.

Our 'wise' initiatives for our team

At Corporate Traveller, our team have access to a range of ‘wise’ initiatives, including Parentwise where we engage, connect with and support mothers, fathers and guardians; Moneywise, which provides financial wellbeing support to our employees – an initiative we have partnered with AMP to make possible; and Healthwise, where staff have access to nutrition advice through our health and wellbeing provider from qualified nutritionists, bio-age consultations and counselling.

Proof in the numbers

Our Flight Centre Travel Group 2023 workplace diversity survey found:

  • 77% of staff identify as female
  • 50% are parents or caregivers 
  • 46% can speak more than one language
  • 10% identify as Tangata Whenua or Whakapapa Maori
  • 11% identify as neurodivergent
  • 68% are Millennials or Generation X
  • 73% of our leaders identify as female
  • 12% identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community

“We have come a long way in being able to clearly track and measure our diversity. Now the real work comes, as we drive our goals and strategies to improve how we, as a business, support and grow inclusivity each day. With our number one philosophy being our people, it’s exciting to recognise and celebrate the people who make the magic happen for our customers. - General Manager of Corporate Traveller New Zealand, Angie Forsyth

The importance of mental health at Corporate Traveller

In collaboration with Benestar, FCTG (Flight Centre Travel Group) have taken a significant stride towards prioritising the holistic well-being of our people through our Employee Assistance Program. Through this strategic partnership, we offer a comprehensive well-being service that extends beyond conventional benefits, providing free counseling services not only for our valued team members but also for their families and our esteemed leaders. In recognising the interconnectedness of personal and professional life, this initiative ensures that everyone within our Corporate Traveller community has access to the necessary support, fostering a culture that prioritise mental health and overall well-being.

We promote flexible working

At the core of our organisational ethos is a commitment to fostering optimal work environments through flexible and remote work options which we believe not only enhances the well-being of our team members but also contributes to more sustainable work practices. We actively support eco-conscious initiatives through emphasising reduced travel time and minimised petrol usage. Centre stage to this commitment is our "Hour of Empowerment," a dedicated weekly time slot allowing employees the freedom to prioritise their physical and mental wellness as they see fit - a testament to our belief that a balanced, empowered workforce is key to sustained success and positive ecological impact.

Elevating mental health advocacy to new heights

In 2008, FCTG launched the Flight Centre Foundation. Flight Centre Travel Group employees have the option of donating regularly to the Foundation via monthly pre-tax payroll deductions - our Workplace Giving Program. All operating costs of the Foundation are covered by FCTG, meaning all funds donated by our people are passed through to our charity partners and grant recipients.

The Flight Centre Foundation aims to bring our people on our giving journey through our Giving Grants Program and partner support. The collective impact of employee's generosity, matched dollar for dollar by FCTG, allows us to create generous funds to support our chosen projects for a direct impact approach.

With as little as $5 a week, or one takeaway coffee, our people have raised over $25 million dollars globally for various charity organisations and emergency appeals since the Foundation started, ensuring that the communities where we work, live and travel benefit from the enormous generosity.

This year in New Zealand, we have partnered with The Mental Health Foundation and the Halberg Disability Trust.

Our journey in mental health recognition

The HeadFit Awards are New Zealand’s first national workplace mental health awards to celebrate individuals, teams and workplaces leading in workplace mental health.

In 2022, our General Manager of Flight Centre Heidi Walker won Leader of the Year, and we were highly recommended for Specialist of the Year, Learning & Development Excellence and Large Workplace of the Year.

These accolades not only spotlight our organisational commitment but also reinforce our pledge to prioritise mental health on a national stage.

Commitment to community

In this journey through our commitment to diversity, workplace well-being, and community support, we've uncovered the vibrant tapestry that defines Corporate Traveller; from fostering inclusivity to winning accolades in mental health advocacy, each endeavor contributes to our ethos of creating a workplace that not only thrives on diversity but champions the holistic well-being of our people.

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