Sustainable business travel starts right here.

There’s no time like the present to start making a difference – and no better partner to help you get there. With Corporate Traveller, you can trust our expert team and tools to get you and your business from A to B without costing the earth. Make your business travel count towards your sustainability efforts with our range of resources to help you shape, measure, offset and transform your business travel program.

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Supporting a path for sustainable business travel programs.

Guide to supporting a path for sustainable business travel programs

Drawing from our experience and an understanding of the complexities surrounding sustainability in our industry, we remain steadfast in our dedication. Our goal is to constantly evaluate our efforts and uncover new opportunities for improvement as a corporate entity.

Our focus extends beyond our own operations; we aim to guide our customers towards similar transformations. We empower them to develop sustainable corporate travel initiatives that not only align with their business goals but also minimise their impact on the planet.

We recognise the need for decisive action, driven by our responsibility to our people, communities, the planet, and future generations. The time for proactive measures has arrived, and we embrace the challenges ahead with determination.

Throughout this journey, we stand by our customers' side, providing unwavering support as they navigate the path towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world of business travel and beyond.


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Savi Online Booking Tool


Technology to make sustainable travel easy  

Our business travel technology helps customers achieve more sustainable travel easily. Tech such as Savi - our online booking tool, gives you multiple program options for travelling more sustainably. For companies that want more visibility of the environmental impact of their travel choices through to functionality to carbon offset and report on your activity - we'll tailor your technology so you can achieve sustainable travel your way.   


While corporate travel is just one small part of our emissions reduction plan, the value of collaborations and partnerships – like this one with Corporate Traveller – become increasingly important – as will the combined efforts of our people to contribute to a more sustainable planet. 

Emma Coote, Sustainability Specialist, OfficeMax New Zealand

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