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At Corporate Traveller, we're dedicated to simplifying business travel for you. Our one-stop platform enables you to book travel options, report expenses, and manage itineraries, all seamlessly and effortlessly, ensuring corporate travel and expense management is more efficient than ever before.

Travel planning can be a tedious task for anyone in your organisation. With Your.CT, you control an online booking tool that eliminates hours searching for fares that balance budgetary and practical needs. You can book flights, accommodation and more in a fraction of the time.

Manage On The Go

Manage on the go

Our CT Mobile app helps you to carry on with your business travel seamlessly and gives you all the information you need plus the ability to change your plans on the go.

Simple reporting & expenses

View travel policy leaks or tap into big data analysis to find new savings with our suite of reporting tools. Customise your reporting fields to capture exactly what you need and get the data that’s most important to your bottom line.
Stay safe & secure

Stay safe & secure

Our Safe and Secure solutions keep your business and travellers up to date on events that impact travel schedules, while our reporting provides full visibility into your travellers’ whereabouts.
Your CT

One simple platform - Your.CT

With Corporate Traveller, you get access to our single sign-in portal called Your.CT. Here you will be able to plan for upcoming trips, book flights, hotels, as well as report on and analyse travel expense - all without the hassle of leaving the platform. 

  • No need to manage multiple passwords and users 
  • Manage your entire organisation through one platform 

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Travel booking software for business

Online Booking Tool - Savi

We’re all about making business travel easier, safer and more sustainable for your organisation, through our online booking tool, SAVI.  
SAVI has been built on a foundation of exceptional market knowledge and user insight featuring richer content exclusive to our business. SAVI delivers hundreds of airlines, over 2 million room rates worldwide and thousands of exclusive flights, hotel and car options. SAVI works for everyone featuring intelligent functionality such as persona-driven user modules for SAVI bookers, travellers, and for the business. 

We’re constantly working with our provider Serko, on developing SAVI to optimise customer experience in this new COVID world. Such tech solutions for a confident return to travel include traveller tracking, TravelSafe – the latest border restrictions and entry requirement details, approval by price, a ‘clean’ hotels indicator, the most up-to-date airline COVID-19 policies. 

SAVI is now helping customers on their sustainability journey through Tasman Environment Markets (TEM).  Providing carbon factors at time of booking is a fantastic benefit to more informed purchasing with offset solutions available. 

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Reporting made easy

Travel and expense budgets can be a big part of your business and operating costs. To cut these costs, you need the right information at your fingertips. Corporate Traveller gives you a big picture view of how your dollars are being spent, and helps you make more informed decisions. 

  • Track policy compliance 
  • Analyse travel patterns 
  • Negotiate with suppliers 

With Corporate Traveller, you will also be able to talk to our Travel Managers who are happy to help you customise and organise your reporting dashboard. 

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On the go – your Corporate Traveller mobile app

Equip travellers with the tools to manage their travel from a mobile app fully integrated with your online platform, Your.CT. With Corporate Traveller, you get access to our all-in-one intuitive app, that will do all the hard work for you so you can focus on more important things. All from your phone, you can: 

  • Quickly access all your travel plans in an easy-to-read itinerary 
  • Be notified about your flights, boarding gate changes, weather and traffic reports, restaurant recommendations, and more 
  • Easily check-in to upcoming flights 
  • Quickly contact your dedicated travel manager
Duty of Care

Duty of Care

Keeping your employees safe and secure when travelling is top priority. With the use of alerts and traveller location-finding technology, you can look after your people wherever they are in the world. 

  • Receive alerts on any major incidents such as natural disasters, terrorism or accidents, as well as any travel delays 
  • Pinpoint and track the location of all your travellers, wherever they are in the world. 

Simplify your travel booking

 Allow your staff to reclaim hours of wasted time with a booking tool that brings organising flights, hotels and transport into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Manage On The Go


Track your travellers in real time, no matter where they might be
Single portal

A Single Portal

Use a single sign-in to avoid managing multiple passwords and users


Save dozens of hours on having to create and fine-tune the reports themselves.

YOUR.CT for Travellers

Sync all your traveller profile info like passport details and frequent flyer numbers directly into your online booking tool
Reporting & Expense


Easy synching to a range of systems including Xero, Fraedom, Concur, Netsuite, MYOB and more


Make domestic and trans-Tasman bookings, update and view itineraries from your mobile device.

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Whether you already have a travel partner in place - or are not sure if your business needs one - our expert advice will help you decide. Our blended approach to business travel management makes us truly unique, request a demo to make an appointment with one of our dedicated travel specialists today.