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Sustainability sum

How to align your sustainable travel initiatives with your company culture. 

Sustainability is not an easy topic to navigate. There is a need to consider many factors including company culture, industry, geographical locations, nature of work, and more; all of which are unique to each business. Our goal at Corporate Traveller is to help businesses navigate this complex subject and find solutions that work for the planet and for your people.  
Tom Walley and David Coombes

Crossing the ditch for an emotional homecoming

A trip that was once done without thinking, was an emotional roller coaster for Australian – and Flight Centre NZ, Managing Director – David Coombes. Based in Auckland, with his wife and two children, David recently travelled to Brisbane to attend the Global Managing Directors’ Conference and Australian Senior Leaders’ Conference. The trip was his first taste of international travel in the post-lockdown world. Here he’s shared his experience with us …

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