Corporate Traveller and OfficeMax collaborate on emissions reduction efforts

Office Max and Corporate Traveller

About OfficeMax

OfficeMax is New Zealand’s leading workplace solutions specialist. In terms of its scale: more than 45,000 packages leave OfficeMax’s two Distribution Centres (DCs) every week, keeping business, education and government customers moving.

The OfficeMax team is working hard across all areas of its business to decarbonise operations and aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 25 per cent (on a 2019 baseline) by 2025. This is an ambitious goal, that has required embedding and formalising the sustainability practices across all teams, led from the top.

Notable sustainability initiatives highlighted in the 2021 OfficeMax Sustainability Report include:

  • Generation of renewable energy from its Highbrook solar installation which now powers 25 per cent of the distribution centre and offices.
  • Investing in new packing technology that produces perfect-sized boxes for every single item and reducing plastic void ‘filler’ in landfill.
  • Upgrading its fleet of vehicles – which currently represents 50% of its GHG emissions to include a mix of electric and hybrid rides.

The Travel Challenge

After a couple of years with very limited international travel and reduced domestic travel, OfficeMax New Zealand, like many businesses has seen a return to normal work patterns. While this is positive for relationships across its supply chain, it also means a natural increase in carbon emissions and is an area the business is monitoring closely.

"Like many companies, prior to the COVID pandemic, business travel accounted for the largest single portion of our Scope 3 carbon footprint. As we return to pre-pandemic travel conditions, we are mindful of our responsibility to minimise and manage the associated rebound in emissions.” – Kevin Obern, Managing Director, OfficeMax New Zealand

To support a reduction in its carbon emissions from travel, Corporate Traveller is working in close partnership with OfficeMax.

The Solution

Together with Corporate Traveller, OfficeMax makes sure that travel is as sustainable as possible.

When it comes to air travel, travellers are flying only when necessary (and when remote meetings just won't cut it). Selecting direct flights when possible has also made a difference. It’s all about being efficient with work schedules too and avoiding day trips for a single meeting, function or event where feasible.

The choice of rental cars and hotels has also come under the spotlight. The teams can now pick electric vehicles and opt for hotels where possible that are part of the Amotai business registry. It's the OfficeMax way of supporting Māori and Pasifika businesses that create value in the local communities.

Corporate Traveller has also made changes to OfficeMax's travel program, including monthly reporting of air, car and accommodation emissions. Intelligent reporting allows OfficeMax to make informed decisions about its travel policy and make changes where necessary. Additionally, Corporate Traveller is working with OfficeMax and a carbon offsetting company to explore offsetting options.

Corporate Traveller’s current offering – PowerBI - allows carbon visibility, ensuring customers are more aware of their environmental impact when they travel. 

“Corporate Traveller’s strategies involve recommendations around changing flight behaviour, such as on direct flights and all-in-one trips vs multiple trips, selecting EV cars where possible, as well as providing monthly reporting,” said Corporate Traveller Account Manager for OfficeMax, Raychil Coutts. 

“Now that we have PowerBI for key contacts at OfficeMax, we have CO2 visibility that the team can access 24/7, and through CT Mobile, they can book and still see the carbon effect from that booking. Plus, multi-stop international has been released, so the team can also see the carbon impact on long-haul flights, not just domestic. 

"The collaborative approach and longevity of our partnership with OfficeMax has been paramount to the success of their travel program, alongside the support we provide them through their journey.” 

The Journey

While OfficeMax's sustainability journey is still a work in progress, the organisation is implementing measures to reduce carbon emissions and taking a holistic approach to sustainability.

“While corporate travel is just one small part of our emissions reduction plan, the value of collaborations and partnerships – like this one with Corporate Traveller – become increasingly important – as will the combined efforts of our people to contribute to a more sustainable planet.” – Emma Coote, Sustainability Specialist, OfficeMax New Zealand

Together, OfficeMax and Corporate Traveller are not just making changes, they’re making a sustainable difference.

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