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The people behind your effortless business travel service

When choosing a corporate travel agency, it’s easy to compare the technology and overall product offering. But what about service? More than 80% of our prospective clients have told us that service is missing in their current travel program.

Kiwis are known as some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world, so we know that a personal touch is just part of doing business here. You need great travel support that is uplifting and runs seamlessly in the background. That way, you can get on with the stuff that matters.  

We’ve got the most experienced travel team in New Zealand, so let’s get to know some of the key players working hard for you behind the scenes.

Meet some of our Corporate Traveller team

The Travel Manager


Therese McInally, Travel Manager

Therese McInally

I’m about to become your new best friend. It’s essential that myself and the team know your travel policy and preferences inside out. That way, we can not only get to your requests quickly, but we instantly know all the tricks to make sure travellers or bookers get what they need. Even if it’s a last-minute request or an airport no one’s ever heard of before, we’ll make it happen!

I especially enjoying building long lasting relationships with my customers. My attention to detail, organisational skills and friendly demeanour ensure a seamless booking experience for my customers.

The Customer Success Manager

Sarach Bennett, Customer Success Consultant

Sarah Bennett

In my role as your Customer Success Manager, I take a proactive and intentional approach to finding innovative solutions that will help our valued customers' travel program evolve. I enjoy understanding your unique business needs, preferences and objectives. My commitment is to provide you with consistent strategic plans that cover various aspects, including cost savings, compliance, consolidation, corporate social responsibility, and customer satisfaction. With my extensive experience in the travel industry spanning many years, you can have complete confidence that your future travel needs are in capable hands!

My approach is centred around active listening and building trust to become a true partner in the successful journey of all my customers in New Zealand. I’ll offer guidance, invaluable data-driven strategic insights and analytics along with project management expertise, ensuring your travel programs end up hassle-free. Together, we’ll be able to reach your strategic goals. 

The Customer Success Consultant

Kim du Plessis, Customer Success Consultant

Kim du Plessis 

As a member of our Customer Success team, I play a crucial role as a Customer Success Consultant. I work in close collaboration with our operations team, providing immediate and solution-driven expert advice customised to address specific business goals. My primary aim as a Customer Success Consultant is to provide exceptional value for our Kiwi customers, ultimately leading to time and cost savings for you. I have a genuine passion for this industry and am thrilled to see it evolve and embrace new technologies and solutions where my expertise is well-placed.

The After-hours Support

NZ Meet the Corporate Traveller - Jazmin King

Jazmine King

We’re the team that pick up the phone when there’s an emergency, whether it’s 8pm or 2am. It’s stressful when your travel plans are thrown off, so a big part of my job is staying calm and reassuring the traveller (who’s often in a panic) that everything is taken care of. It really is the best feeling to have helped someone in need and made sure they can get to a meeting or safely back on NZ soil. No matter what comes up, from flight cancellations to natural disasters, it's all in a day’s (or evening’s) work for us. We're used to it!  

The Onboarding Manager

Florence Butters, Onboarding Manager

Florence Butters

Onboarding is the bridge between when you first start working with your Travel Management Company and when you’re settled with our Customer Success team. I take pride in being a proficient and detail-oriented project manager. I’m here to simplify processes while achieving your key objectives. I'm also committed to providing industry-leading training and technical support.

Being an Onboarding Manager means I get to dive into the unique people and culture of each business. No two companies we work with in New Zealand are alike. It's not just essential for our partnership; it's also a truly enjoyable experience!

Setting up with Corporate Traveller is a breeze.

Fantastic service isn’t a “nice to have”.

For travel to be truly effortless, it takes a team that understands your business, understands your travel policy, and knows your travellers by first name. With a team like the above behind you, you’ll be flying high in no time! 

Time to upgrade to effortless? 

Get in touch to hear more about uplifting service with Corporate Traveller  

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