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Business Travel Planning: 8 Questions Asked The Most

If you’re an Office Manager, Executive Assistant, or you’ve somehow become responsible for organising business trips for your team, it's probably not the only thing on your plate. Business travel planning isn't easy, and you're likely to get asked plenty of repetitive (and perhaps even frustrating) questions.   

Here's a list of frequently asked traveller questions (and a cheat sheet with quick and easy answers so you can get hours back in your day!)   

1. How do I book a flight/hotel/car rental for my upcoming trip, or can you do it for me?  

Booking travel is easier/faster/more cost-efficient with Corporate Traveller. You can find everything you’re looking for in one place, and book your flights, hotel, and car rental in minutes. Plus, it’s super user-friendly and already has your profile loaded! 

Or, if your itinerary is really complicated, you can contact our dedicated travel consultant at Corporate Traveller.  

2. What are the best travel options for my budget and preferences?  

A travel policy outlines what you can and can't book. It should answer a lot of your business travel questions. You can choose to book yourself online, and it’ll flag if you are out of policy. Check it out and see what options are available! 

Also, our dedicated travel expert at Corporate Traveller knows what is allowed, so if you run into any trouble or your trip is more complicated, they’ll let you know if you’re out of policy.  

3. Are there any travel restrictions or visa requirements for the destination I'm planning to visit?  

Great question! If your trip is more complex and you’re visiting several countries, our team at Corporate Traveller will advise you. 

4. Sorry to call you at midnight but I’m in Europe and my flight just got cancelled. What do I do?  

That’s a bummer! Luckily, we have a 24/7 line for Corporate Traveller. The emergency contact number is on your itinerary and their after-hours team are travel experts who will sort you out ASAP. They might even have been alerted about your trip already. Ok, I’m going back to bed.

5. Are there any corporate discounts or negotiated rates available?  

Yep, because we book everything through Corporate Traveller, we get access to discounted airfares with certain airlines, and we’ve also been able to negotiate special rates at certain hotel chains. We have access to exclusive deals, which gives us certain perks at some hotels like free breakfast, Wi-Fi, or even a late check-out if you need. Pro tip…when breakfast is included, your subsistence allowance goes further for lunch and dinner. 

6. Can you help arrange a group meeting? And we also have to start planning the next quarterly conference. Can you help with that?   

Yep, the team at Corporate Traveller can manage this one for us too. If you send me the list of everyone who needs to be there and the dates of the meetings, I’ll get them to take care of it. Or actually, just send that info directly to Corporate Traveller and copy me in. Even better!  

7. How can I ensure traveller safety and security during the trip?  

Regardless of how you book your trip, we’ll be able to monitor you if something drastic happens in the world. If we need it, we’ll be alerted to where everyone is easily through the risk management tool. It shows us a dashboard of where everyone is and how we can easily get in touch.  

8. What about my frequent flyer program? I want to make sure I get my points.   

Yep, you’ll still get points when you book through Corporate Traveller. In fact, if you set up your travel profile properly, they’ll have all your details on hand already. They’ll also know your preferences too – like whether you prefer the aisle or window seat.  

Ready to see some travel magic? Let’s chat. 

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