Simplify your travel with YOUR.CT, an online dashboard that enables you to manage all aspects of travel easily.

Consolidate as many as 15 other apps and services with YOUR.CT, saving your bookers the extra time and frustration of jumping between systems every time they organise travel.

Your.CT dashboard

A Single Portal for Your Travel Needs

By consolidating the software you use to organise travel into a central dashboard tool, you can plan for and book your travel without the hassle of syncing different software or travel details: it’s all done from the one place.

  • Use a single sign-in to avoid managing multiple passwords and users
  • Manage bookings for the entire organisation through the one platform
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Deal With the Details for Smarter, More Personal Travel

YOUR.CT provides the ability to plan and prepare travel efficiently. Give your bookers a flexible tool that lets them organise every aspect of upcoming travel in detail.

  • Create traveller profiles to store info such as passport, visa and frequent flyer details that you can access quickly when needed
  • Sync traveller profiles directly with your online booking tool to reduce the time you spend booking
  • View the full itineraries for your travellers with a couple of clicks
  • Use YOUR.CT’s integrated online booking tool to bring all your travel planning together
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Powerful Tools to Manage Travel On-The-Go

Regardless of how well you plan, travel often unfolds in unpredictable ways. That’s why Corporate Traveller equips your people with tools to manage travel even when they’re on the move.

  • Track your travellers in real time, no matter where they might be
  • Receive real time travel alerts, like traffic or flight delay warnings
  • Make instant changes to itineraries to handle new requirements or situations
  • Support travellers with location-centric info, like weather updates or interactive city guides
  • Allow your travellers to book accommodation or flights swiftly with mobile check-in
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Make Travel Admin Easier

Free up your staff’s time with tools that produce reports, track spending and provide information to get budget and travel approval effortlessly.

  • Generate comprehensive travel reports to better track activity and improve decision making
  • Track travel expenditure for budget forecasts and approvals
  • Download invoices for simpler accounting and record-keeping
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Flexibility Beyond Travel

Making travel easy and efficient is YOUR.CT’s mission. But there are extra benefits to making it your travel portal of choice.

  • Access contact info for your dedicated Travel Manager so you can reach them whenever you need

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