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Keep your staff safe and manage travel risk using built-in features included in Corporate Traveller’s platforms.

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Travel Technology that Protects Your People

Keeping your people safe when they’re travelling is a top priority. Corporate Traveller’s tools, including alerts and traveller location-finding, give your organisation the ability to look after your staff wherever they are in the world.

14 million trips monitored. 8 million travel alerts sent. With Crisis24 as our partner, your travellers are always kept informed of unpredictable and changing situations.

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Stay on Top of Uncertain Situations

By consolidating various alerts, your admin staff and travellers will stay up-to-date and informed of situations that may affect their plans.

  • Get full access to alert intelligence powered by WorldAware, a leading risk management provider
  • Receive critical alerts for major incidents such as natural disasters, terrorism or accidents
  • Get warning alerts for severe weather or political unrest so you can prepare prudently
  • Receive information alerts that inconvenience travel, such as flight delays, traffic jams or airline strikes
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Keep your People Safe

Beyond alerts, partnering with us means you have the capability to quickly respond to situations and protect your travellers.

  • Pinpoint the location of all your travellers, wherever they are in the world
  • Simplify communications with your people by giving them a direct channel back to your offices or headquarters

Discover how you can manage duty of care when your people travel

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