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The winning approach to sports travel management 

Let's face it, coordinating air travel, accommodation, and transportation for an entire sports team is a daunting task. And if you're trying to do it all yourself, you're probably not spending enough time on game strategy.  

That's where we come in. Corporate Traveller Stage, Screen & Sports takes care of all the details so you can focus on what's important - winning.  

We'll get your team where they need to be, when they need to be there, without any miss-steps. And we'll do it more efficiently and with less stress than you ever could on your own. 

Corporate Traveller - Stage and Screen and Sports


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The All-Stars of service and sports travel management  

When it comes to a sports team travel agency, you need service that delivers. That’s why we offer a dedicated travel expert to help with all your travel needs. Your travel expert is a pro in managing sports team travel, and they’re always on top of changes within your organisation. They operate at a highly efficient, speedy, and accurate level of service, and honestly, they’re excellent at it.  

In travel, most people know to expect the unexpected. That’s why, if things go awry, you’ll be able to access 24/7 emergency support to make those bumps in the road a whole lot smoother.  

When you come on board with Corporate Traveller Stage, Screen & Sports, you’ll have the support of the entire Corporate Traveller team - Making sure that together we are always brining our A game. They’ll check in regularly to review how the relationship is going, and if there’s any room for improvement. 

Leave your sports team’s travel logistics to us and bring home the victory.  

Tackling logistics with ease

We can’t stress it enough – our team of travel experts are masters at handling logistics when it comes to getting your travellers, their baggage, and equipment where it needs to be. We’re creative geniuses when it comes to solving seemingly impossible situations, and we’d love to prove that to you.

Travel policy fit for any team

The safety of all your travellers matters, and we take that seriously. We’re happy to work with you to review your existing policy and help make improvements where needed. Or, if you’ve already nailed your policy, we can easily integrate it into our system and make sure everything booked is aligned. Whether you’re booking on your own or your travel expert is taking care of it, we’ve got your back.

On-the-ground details made simple

For sports teams, hotel bookings and charters are made simple. No matter where in the world, we can find a solution that works for your whole team and their biggest supporters. Whether it’s a charter bus or flight for your sports team or team accommodation, we’ll take it off of your plate.


We know you find great value in partnerships, and we do too! There’s no one-size-fits-all formula, so reach out to book a chat, and we can find our way forward, together! 


Our corporate travel platform savi in action

Reporting & Analytics   

Whether you want to see travel policy breaks or tap into big data analysis to find new savings, our reporting suite has the tools. We customise your reporting fields to capture exactly what you need and ensure you’re viewing the data that is most important to your bottom line. Together with our team, we’ll help you see where your dollars are being spent, identify patterns, trends and show you how to improve your travel performance.  



Big wins in savings

In sports travel, it’s not always about the cheapest way to get there, it’s often about the most flexible. When you’re dealing with uncertainty, or often need to make changes, you can’t afford to be losing out on non-refundable fares or restrictive terms and conditions. We’ll always put the needs of your organisation first, so we know you’ll be happy when you see the cost savings over time.  

We’ll also go to bat for you when negotiating preferred rates with suppliers. Whether that’s sports team hotel bookings, car hires, charter bus, group rates on flights (or air charter), we’ll take it from here. 

Ready to level up your travel game?

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