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Save your business time, money & stress. Discover the #1 in service for SMEs. 

Corporate Traveller is a different travel management company, offering a more comprehensive and personalised approach. We bring cutting edge technology, an independent global supply network and an exclusive customer care program together with incredible service from experts who manage your business from every angle.

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Dedicated travel consultant

Dedicated expertise paired with next gen reporting for proactive booking and program optimisation.
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24/7 emergency support. Never hear the hold music – we answer in 5 rings.


We know your quirks! Our people and innovative AI technology proactively personalise your travel preferences.
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We handle the whole trip

As experts across hotel, air, car and insurance, we’ll negotiate rates through a huge global supply network and ensure no unnecessary expense.
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Management of cash flow and expenses

A trading account to manage chargebacks for seamless management of expenses and cashflow.

Dive deeper into how Corporate Traveller can help you! Check out Corporate Traveller’s Customer Service Playbook: how we go above and beyond for our customers.

Corporate Traveller Savi App

Centralised and seamless travel tech

Corporate Traveller’s suite of technology is specifically designed to help Kiwi SME businesses streamline and centralise travel management.

  • AI-powered online booking tool (OBT) that learns user preferences to make trip recommendations for faster, easier bookings
  • OBT that’s 35% faster than competitor tools and the internet
  • Easy access to all your travel tools via our single sign-in online portal
  • Automated expense management and comprehensive reporting
  • Live travel alerts and traveller tracking reports
  • Access to trip planning tools with real-time data, travel intel and an interactive search map

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The power of partnering with experts in business travel and services.

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