Why your company should never compromise on great service


Why your business should never compromise on great service

“The key is when a customer walks away, thinking, 'Wow, I love doing business with them, and I want to tell others about the experience.’” - Shep Hyken

In the wake of what many are calling “The Great Resignation” service has never been more important and seems to be lacking across almost every industry. Whether you’re buying groceries, dining in a restaurant, visiting a retail store, or calling a toll-free number, they are short-staffed and overworked.

We all feel it, which is why we’re so committed to ensuring our clients don’t. The last thing you need in your busy day is sitting on hold for hours or waiting days for a reply to your email. So, if there’s one area that sets us apart from other TMCs, its our people. It’s not just that they’re good at their jobs, it’s that they care (and they’re amazing at their jobs). They listen, and they do whatever they can to wow you.

Service – The #1 Concern

It isn’t revolutionary. Great service shouldn’t be a “nice to have”. You shouldn’t have to settle for less, especially when it comes to something as important as travel. Your company needs great service, your people need to know who to call, and you need to know that they are in good hands. When your team is freed up to do the things they do best, it makes every aspect of your business more efficient, and your people happier as a result.

“Corporate Traveller have been amazing to work with and incredibly flexible. We’ve had a customised travel booking solution that aligns fully to our travel policy rules. We have a dedicated Travel Manager looking after us who understands our business, our priorities and the way we work. All our requests and needs have fully been met; from setting up our account and making bookings in a way that suits us, modifying our policy rules, to the way we pay; our invoice is customised to work with our finance systems, and has all the data we need, supplied in a format that works for us.”

- Zoë Robinson, Executive Assistant to the CEO @ nib nz

When we surveyed our people, we found an overwhelming majority (84%) of prospective clients feel that the service is lacking in their current travel program. Whether they are handling their travel on their own or using a TMC, they are missing out on the personal touch, the attention. Great news, that’s where we shine!

In recent conversations with prospective clients, our team discovered that 77% are finding DIY business travel is too complicated, while 67% need to centralise the process of managing their corporate travel.

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Some of the other pain points prospective clients have voiced to us, included:

  • Long hold times to make itinerary changes
  • Finding savings in travel spend
  • Convenient payment solutions
  • Consolidation of their travel program
  • Emergency support
  • Understanding travel protocols/travel restrictions

DIY leaves you unsupported

For companies that are managing their own travel in-house, world events can quickly make simple bookings super complicated. It might seem pretty straight forward to book a ticket and a hotel, but it could be made even easier if you’ve got the right team behind you. There doesn’t need to be an emergency to reap the benefits of a full-service TMC. From A to B, door-to-door, we’ve got you.

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