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Hotel Openings 2021 and beyond...

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More than 70 hotels are poised to open in Australia and New Zealand in 2021 and more than 41 slated for 2022 in a strong signal the industry is surging forward in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The trend offers some new choices for business travellers heading into Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Wellington – locations which are dominating hotel openings.

In a further encouraging sign, it’s a significant increase on a total of the 37 hotels which were planned to open in 2020.

The latest hotels report, released by FCM Consulting, has revealed so far this year 30 hotels consisting of new builds, renovations and rebrands have opened in Australia and New Zealand. With more than 22 hotels due to open in Q3-2021, of which 9 have been rebranded, it is the ideal time for travel procurement teams to review their future hotel programs.

Next year is positioned to see a further 41+ hotel properties open across the region with several acquisitions of existing hotels and new branding on some well-known hotel brands coming into the markets in 2022.

Corporate Traveller predicts the good news to continue into 2023 with more than 30 new hotel openings all currently at various stage of build on the horizon. The hotel industry is definitely ready to deliver some great experiences!

Now is also a great time to review your hotel program with our experts at Corporate Traveller.

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