The Hotel Britomart - NZ's first 5 Green Star Hotel

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The Hotel Britomart welcomes guests to the centre of downtown waterfront Auckland – or more particularly to Britomart, a historic nine-block precinct bustling with energy and contrasts. With 99 rooms and five exquisite Landing Suites, The Hotel Britomart offers guests the best of both worlds: cocoon-like, timber-lined rooms that feel like peaceful retreats, right in the centre of the best neighbourhood in Auckland in which to eat, drink, shop or do business.

The Hotel Britomart is New Zealand’s first 5 Green Star hotel, certified by the NZ Green Building Council. The hotel’s 5 Green Star status means sustainability is considered in every design, build, and procurement decision the hotel makes, from choosing bedding to airconditioning systems.

Examples of the hotel’s sustainable commitments:

• Almost 80% of construction waste was re-used or recycled.

• The hotel’s operations result in 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a building that meets the minimum requirements of the NZ Building Code.

• Towels and linens are 100% organic cotton, with duvets and pillows made from a luxury microfibre derived from recycled plastic bottles.

• The hotel’s uniforms are locally designed and made and can be redyed, recycled or composted.

• Sleepyhead mattresses are recycled when they are replaced.

• Organic, refillable skin and haircare products in recyclable bottles.


“Sustainability has always been part of the Britomart ethos. Building sustainably has a much lower immediate and ongoing environmental impact, and Earth needs that from us.”  — Campbell Williamson, development director, Cooper and Company

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