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At the beginning of the 19th Century, Te Reo Māori was the dominant language of New Zealand.

Whilst largely due to the lack of colonists at the time, the Te Reo language was used widely by all and not limited to just Māori communities.
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Traditionally, the Māori language was never written down.

Te Reo, the Māori language, grew in New Zealand over hundreds of years and traditionally was only communicated orally. Until the 1800’s, the use of Waiata (songs), tales and legends and symbolism through carving and weaving is how the language and history was passed down.
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Te Reo Māori features variations in the dialect based on your rohe (region).

Due to the different origins of the original settlers, the Māori language arose in different ways due to the relative isolation of the population as they settled around Aotearoa. The greatest variations come in pronunciation and vocabulary and can have differences depending on the local iwi and community.

Bespoke Pattern

Bespoke Pattern

Our bespoke pattern is created by Juran Haurua.

The inspiration behind the pattern was taken from research of Hawaiki which is known as the traditional Māori birth place of origin. The first Māori are said to have sailed to Aotearoa (The land of the long white cloud) from Hawaiki. It’s also known as the Polynesian Triangle referring to 3 points - namely Hawai’i, Easter Island and New Zealand.

The significance of our pattern comes from the Matariki Calendar and its 9 stars. Matariki is a cluster of stars visible during the mid-winter season and is commonly used to mark the beginning of the new year. In the past iwi used Matariki to navigate large distances across the Pacific Ocean to reach Aotearoa and discover new land.

As an adaptation of this, Juran Haurua created the 9 triangle (Tapatoru) pattern to honor these findings and to also encompass the Hawaiki Polynesian Triangle. Within the pattern, you can find more or less within it but he deliberately kept it ambiguous as there varying views on how many there are between iwi. 

Te Reo Māori Map of New Zealand

Maori Map of New Zealand