Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week

We are proud to support Mental Health Awareness Week!

Mental Health Awareness Week is an opportunity to explore the experiences, actions, relationships and surroundings that uplift your mental wellbeing and help you to enjoy your work.

Below we have put together some activities inspired by the 5 Ways to Wellbeing - connect, take notice, give, be active and keep learning. 5 simple things you can do as part of your daily routine to boost your wellbeing.

Ways to connect at work:
  • Encourage walking over to have a chat with a teammate instead of emailing or calling.
  • Organise a shared team lunch once a month.
Ways to take notice at work:
  • Set a reminder in your calendar every few hours to be present.
  • Try this simple mindfulness activity.
Ways to give back at work:
  • Encourage more experienced people to buddy up with new/younger team members to share skills, insights, and experience.
  • Explore opportunities for teams to volunteer in their local community.
  • Develop a culture of saying thank you for hard work - both formally and informally. An idea could be providing cards for handwritten thank yous.
Ways to be active at work:
  • Promote breaking up long periods of sitting at work.
  • Spread the word about any work-based team sports, or find out the most popular sport among your colleagues and organise a match or tournament. 
  • Have a walking challenge at the office.
  • Promote a team walk in the park at lunch time.
Ways to keep learning at work:
  • Start a book club with your team.
  • Encourage people to listen to a podcast or read a journal article.

There are more ideas here on how to explore your way to wellbeing or get your team together and enter the workplace challenge!

Whāia te ara hauora, whitiora (explore your way to wellbeing).

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