Air New Zealand increases flights to Tauranga

Air New Zealand is set to increase capacity into and out of Tauranga during the Northern Summer by 13% weekly, with extra flights to operate between the city and both Auckland and Wellington due to high demand.

The airline will operate an additional 10 one-way services a week between Tauranga and Auckland from April next year. The additional flights will depart Auckland at 9:15am and return from Tauranga at 10:25am Monday-Friday.

A further 10 one-way services will also operate each week between Wellington and Tauranga from April 2019. The Sunday-Thursday service will depart Wellington at 5pm and return to the capital from Tauranga at 6:45pm.

In addition to the increase of capacity, Tauranga Airport’s new Air New Zealand regional lounge is set to open next month. 

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