How to save on business travel this Summer

Time flies when you’re having fun and once again it’s time to start booking for 2019. Along with warmer weather, the Summer season brings a flurry of tourists and activity. Naturally, this is reflected in the price and availability of flights and accommodation. The best way to ensure you skip the disappointment and save dollars this summer is to book in advance.

“Booking in advance is especially encouraged as we come close to the peak summer season in New Zealand. Not only will you save a significant amount in fares you'll also make sure you don't miss out on your preferred timing or seating options.  Airline ticket sales operate on complex formulas, but one thing that remains fairly simple is the concept of supply and demand. When there is less supply, there will be more demand. Understandably, when there is more demand, there will be higher prices”.

Raychil Coutts, Account Management Leader, Corporate Traveller

By booking in advance, not only will you secure your preferred options, but you’ll also make significant savings:

Advance accommodation savings
  • Wellington - Save on average 12.89% by booking 21-31 days in advance compared to 0-5 days in advance
  • Auckland - Save on average 10.13% by booking 21-31 days in advance compared to 0-5 days in advance
  • Christchurch - Save on average 9.31% by booking 21-31 days in advance compared to 0-5 days in advance

Don’t fret if you’re not yet 100% sure of your business travel plans for 2019. You can still secure your preferred accommodation and in most instances, cancel within 48 hours if required. Check with your Travel Manager if this applies to you and they will guide you through your bookings for 2019.

Events Calendar

Another factor that may limit your options and drive prices higher are booking around the numerous events throughout the year. The Summer season is an event mecca so again, booking in advance is your best option.  

We’ve put together a handy Events Calendar so you can always stay up to date and plan your business trips around what’s happening. If there is an event on in the city you are travelling to, we would highly recommend booking as far in advance as possible to secure a hotel at the best rate possible.

Secure your flights and accommodation as we enter the busiest season for travel.