How to stay productive while working from home

Male working from home

Want to know how to stay more productive while working from home?

It’s one of the fears of bosses around the world right now - how will my team stay productive when they aren’t in the office?

From taking breaks outside to sharing Spotify playlists, we’ve got proven top tips to help keep you and your teams productive while working from home.


1. Get dressed.
2. Exercise – get outside if you can.
3. Take a coffee break or just stand up regularly.
4. Sit at a desk, put your monitor at eye level, don’t work slumped on the couch.
5. Write a to-do list and done list and share it with a colleague/team.
6. Split your day up into ‘productivity chunks’ of 45/90 minutes – what works for you?


1. Be very clear with your team how and when you expect them to communicate and check in.
2. Be mindful of challenges people may have. As an employer you’re still responsible for their mental and physical well-being when they are at home.
3. Some people end up putting in more hours and working harder when they’re at home. Monitor this. Don’t let people burn out.
4. Let your team know they’re doing a good job. Tell them you appreciate their adaptability and hard work.
5. Check in personally with your direct reports and ensure they cascade this to their teams too. Not just about work – check in on their personal situation too.


1. Use your webcam. Show your team your surroundings. Take it in turn to drive meetings. Meet online to set AM and PM goals.
2. Don’t rely on email – pick up the phone or video conference. If people live alone they may not talk to anyone all day.
3. Video conference or online chat about some non-work things, share a funny news story.
4. Like music? Share your Spotify lists. See what others are listening too throughout the day.
5. High fives are virtual, but needed! Call out people who’ve helped you today.
6. Schedule a time for everyone to take a break.

Worried that things won’t get done?

1. Creativity. You could get some amazing creative ideas from your team
2. Productivity. Less meetings and distractions, Lots of focussed work will get done. Work will be prioritised. The team will focus more on what matters.
3. Self-Leadership. Team members will need to self-manage and self-motivate. Some will really step up!
4. Less commute time. Some people may get 2-hours a day back without travelling. Less stress – more work for some.
5. Rehearsal. This is a rehearsal for the future of work. It could change us forever
6. Technology. Those with less appetite for technology will have to get to grips with it.