Guide: Myths and magic of managed travel

Myths and magic of managed travel

In the past, many start-ups, smaller companies and SMEs opted to book their own flights, accommodation and car hire. Enjoying the independence and relative ease of unmanaged travel. Enter COVID-19.

A certain virus has put the cat among the pigeons. Suddenly, unmanaged travel is a lot more complicated – and more and more organisations are turning to TMCs for specialist help.

The current uncertainty will not last indefinitely but business travel as we know it has changed forever. The question is, has your approach to business travel?

This guide includes:

We cover getting a grip on unmanaged travel, and also busting the most common myths

  • My business is too small for a TMC
  • Travel management is too expensive
  • It will be quicker to book my own trip
  • My employees will resist a travel policy
  • Travel management is only about airfares & accommodation

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