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Time for a travel partner that actually makes an impact? Ready for real support, not hold music? Or tech that doesn't stress, just simplifies your workload? And value so good it speaks for itself?

For the past 30 years, we've been doing business the all heart, no hassle way. We care about your business, offer tech to make bookings and budgets a breeze. And to us, there’s no such thing as too much value.

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New Zealand companies trust us with their business travel needs

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We’re corporate by name, not by nature

We’re corporate by name, not by nature

  • Never feel like a small fish in a big pond. We love understanding business needs of all shapes and sizes 
  • 24/7, 365 support from real people  
  • A dream travel team! Up to three extra sets of eyes overseeing your program. 
  • Whole trip handled across air, hotel, car and insurance, tailored to your preferences and policies.
Hassle-free travel tech? Check.

Hassle-free travel tech? Check.

  • Our smart tech is a no-brainer, saving you time with booking, reporting and expensing all-in-one platform. 
  • See spend & trip costs in plane sight ✈️ to make decisions on policy, risk and duty of care for travellers. 
  • Manage cash flow in real-time with expense tracking and charge-back capability. Bye bye budget blowouts!
We’re hustlers at heart

We’re hustlers at heart

  • Work with travel experts who are seasoned pros & skilled negotiators, to secure the best value for your business 
  • Competitive rates and exclusive deals from a global network that hooks you up with the big players in airlines, hotels and transfers  
  • Insider tips, tricks and added perks like free breakfast, Wi-Fi and late checkout. Cha-ching! 
  • Continuous monitoring, expert recommendations and proactive insights for savings and value. 

Real stories from real humans

From the very first meeting to hands-on training sessions and ongoing support, Corporate Traveller redefined the travel game for a customer drowning in outdated processes. With our seamless tech, we streamlined their booking process, slashing fees by 40% and offering crystal-clear reporting. But our efforts didn't stop there. We also provided a thorough travel program health check and personalised support, guiding them every step of the way. Together, we showcased how hassle-free technology can empower their team to make every step of their travel program smarter and smoother.

Kim Du Plessis - Customer Success Consultant

For a major hydro/drainage client with nationwide projects, last-minute travel is the norm. But when schedule changes and cancellation charges ballooned up to disrupt their daily operations and traveller wellbeing, something had to change. That’s when Corporate Traveller stepped in to provide value at every turn. By nurturing solid motel relationships, we nabbed priority bookings and better rates, slashing expenses and headaches. Our online booking tool? A game-changer, putting control back in their hands, saving both time and money. With personalised service and sharp problem-solving, we're hustling every day with our “All Heart, No Hassle” approach to ensure every trip offers maximum value, and minimum stress.

Aroha Walker - Assistant Team Leader

On her way to the airport, a Corporate Traveller client faced flight cancellations on her journey from Auckland to JFK. Fortunately, our dedicated travel manager jumped into action, swiftly securing alternative options despite Air New Zealand's ownership of the booking. Facing a family emergency, we rerouted her through Houston and onto United Airlines, saving her hours of hold time and securing a refund on her original ticket. This showcases our commitment to value and savings, embodying the spirit of "All Heart, No Hassle" as we strive to deliver value and savings every step of the way, even in challenging times.

Susan Taylor - Travel Manager

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