Dicker Data

Successfully streamlining business travel

When two become one: consolidating travel policy and streamlining processes for New Zealand’s leading tech distributor

Corporate Traveller provides seamless business travel during (and after) Dicker Data merger.

A merger is exciting, but for a multinational with diverse technologies and established travel procedures, it presents unique challenges. Factor in a global pandemic, and the stakes get higher.

Dive into the case study of New Zealand's leading tech distributor as we unravel the challenges of a significant merger and the transformative journey towards streamlined processes.

The Challenge:

For Corporate Traveller, our mission was to harmonise the travel landscape for Exeed New Zealand and Dicker Data, ensuring a smooth transition.

Our Approach:

Our travel management consultants worked tirelessly to integrate Exeed New Zealand and Dicker Data seamlessly. The outcome? A consolidated travel policy designed to optimise booking and cost efficiency. The process involved:

  • Understanding technology preferences
  • Streamlining travel procedures
  •  Implementing ongoing agreements with preferred suppliers

Learn how we did it!

Revolutionising Corporate Travel

  • Optimised booking and cost efficiency: Discover how our tailored solutions cut through complexities, enhancing your bottom line.
  • Streamlined processes: Explore how we navigate through merging technologies and travel procedures for a unified and efficient approach.
  • Preferred supplier agreements: Discover the foundation for cost-effective and reliable travel, ensuring a smooth experience for your business travellers.

Unlock a new era of efficiency in corporate travel management. Download the case study, explore our solutions, and connect with our experts to redefine your travel program.

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