Why is Corporate Traveller different?

Corporate Traveller was created for a single purpose, to help SMEs save time and money managing their business travel.  

For more than 25 years, our experts have worked alongside thousands of SME clients to deliver outstanding travel management experiences whether it's in the air, on the ground or in the office.  We're focused on understanding and servicing the unique challenges of the SME sector through:


1. A dedicated Travel Manager supported by a local team of experts

Speak to the same person every time from day one. Whether you're booking your next trip, need help reconciling or have questions about financial reporting, your point of contact will always be a New Zealand-based Travel Manager who works regularly with your business. Our streamlined technology keeps you informed and in contact, even when you are on the other side of the world.


2. An adaptable travel program that boosts your productivity

Take a flexible approach to travel by choosing how you'd like to book, reconcile and interact with us. Whether you prefer tech-based solutions or personal contact, we'll create a best practice program to fit your style. Best of all, every option you choose is fully backed by your Travel Manager.


3. Accessing exclusive deals and offers you can’t find anywhere else

You can benefit from exclusive, negotiated deals designed specifically for SME travellers. As a trusted partner to the biggest travel brands in the world, you can be confident that you will see the value that only comes from deals negotiated by a globally backed specialist.


4. 24/7 availability

9am to 5pm rarely applies in the SME sector which is why we're committed to being within your reach no matter what time it is. Focus on the real reason for your trip knowing that an expert who has full access to your travel program will be available to contact 24/7.

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