Making change easy for JLE


About JLE

JLE is a leading New Zealand electrical and mechanical contractor, with operating branches in several key locations around New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea. JLE specialises in the Industrial and Commercial sectors and is one of the largest employers of electricians in the country. Corporate Traveller has been looking after the air travel, accommodation and car hire of all New Zealand based JLE staff since 2009.

The Travel Challenge

JLE’s main challenge was finding an efficient way to meet company finance policy. JLE policy requires an individual invoice to be issued for each travel booking, in addition to the consolidated invoice that is raised for final payment each month. Any changes that are made to a booking set off a complex internal invoicing process. Extra luggage requirements had been a challenge for JLE before coming on board with Corporate Traveller. The JLE travellers are regularly required to carry additional luggage which often caused issues on internal flights within Papua New Guinea to other obscure locations.

The Solution

Invoicing and accounting
Corporate Traveller has worked closely with JLE to create effective solutions and to ensure their business needs are met. As a result the internal process at Corporate Traveller was changed, appointing JLE’s travel manager as a dedicated invoicing point of contact. Each invoice and any subsequent invoicing changes are now channelled through one contact point ensuring consistency and control, with a daily credit report incorporated into the process as a cross-check.

Travel requirements
To keep on top of all JLE travel requirements, including extra luggage, the Corporate Traveller team have compiled a database of internal carriers operating in Papua New Guinea. This database contains information around flight schedules as well as restrictions such as luggage limits so that all details are available at the touch of a button, ensuring accuracy every time.

"JLE are extremely satisfied with how Corporate Traveller has worked with us to meet our invoicing requirements. Corporate Traveller has put in place a system that captures all present and future data to ensure that our accounting system is always up to date and JLE needs are met". 

Shelley McKinstry, Finance Manager

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