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USA, UK Impose Electronics Ban on Select Flights

Authorities in the USA and UK have announced new regulations for the carriage of personal electronic items into both countries. 

Devices larger than 16cm x 9.3cm are banned from being carried in hand luggage in the airline cabin on flights entering the US and UK from select departure points. Larger items including tablets, laptops, e-readers portable DVD players, cameras and lenses will need to be placed in checked luggage.


The USA has banned these items from carriage in the cabin of any direct flight from the following cities to any port in the USA.

  • Dubai, UAE (DXB)
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE (AUH)
  • Cairo, Egypt (CAI)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (IST)
  • Doha, Qatar (DOH)
  • Amman, Jordan (AMM)
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait (KWI)
  • Casablanca, Morocco (CAS)
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (JED)
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (RUH)

The USA ban takes effect from 25 March 2017.

United Kingdom

The UK has banned these items from carriage in the cabin of any direct flight from the following six countries to any port in the UK. 

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey

Authorities in the UK are allowing the airlines to implement these new restrictions but passengers should assume they are effective immediately.

Please note

  • Smartphones, cell/mobile phones are permitted.
  • Australia - UK services via DXB, AUH and DOH are NOT affected as UAE and Qatar are not included in the UK ban.
  • Medical equipment will be permitted but must be cleared by the carrier. 
  • Airlines may have slightly different interpretations of these restrictions so please discuss any concerns directly with your carrier or your Travel Manager.
  • The restrictions apply to any flight that operates as a single flight number from one of the listed ports to the US or UK.  It will also affect customers who transit in these ports and originate from somewhere else.  Please contact your carrier or Travel Manager if you need clarification on whether your itinerary is affected.

Please feel free to contact your Travel Manager if you have any concerns or questions regarding your itinerary.