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US Border and Immigration Executive Order Upheld

Citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen will be subject to new entry restrictions to the USA from 29 June 2017.

What are the restrictions?

To obtain a visa to enter the USA, citizens of these countries must show a bona fide connection with a person or entity within the United States in one of the following ways:

• Prove a close familial relationship with someone in the USA (immediate or extended family).

• Have a proven and documented business relationship with an entity or organisation in the USA.

• Students registered at a US educational institution, someone with an offer of employment or someone invited to attend a conference or deliver a lecture would be permitted to enter.

Will affected citizens still require a visa?

Yes.  Fulfilling the criteria above enables affected citizens to apply for a visa to enter the USA.

What about people who do not meet the criteria but already have a visa?

Anyone on a valid visa obtained prior to 26 June 2017 will not be subject to these restrictions.  US border and immigration authorities still reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, even those holding valid ESTAs or visas.

What about dual citizens?

If someone is a citizen of one of the six listed countries and another (such as Australia, New Zealand, Britain etc) they are not subject to the restrictions above.  They will require a visa and must travel on a passport other than one from a restricted nation.

Do the restrictions apply to US residents or Green Card holders?

Citizens of one of the restricted nations who are also US residents, citizens or Green Card holders are not subject to these restrictions.

What does this mean for tourists?

People from one of the six nations who are genuine tourists will face these restrictions and will have to prove a genuine connection to the USA as outlined.

What about people who have visited one of the six nations since March 2011?

Regardless of your nationality, if you have visited Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen since March 2011, you will need a visa to enter the USA.  You will not be able to travel on an ESTA.

If you have any concerns about your itinerary please feel free to contact your dedicated Travel Manager.