Corporate Traveller

Travellers looking for '3D' experiences

New research from the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has revealed business travellers are looking for 3D experiences.

According to IHG's report, Creating Moments of Trust - the key to building successful brand relationships in the Kinship Economy, guests are more likely to stay loyal to a hotel if they are provided a global, local and personalised experience that is in tune with the culture of the area.

These three aspects provide the basis of the 3D experience, where hotel brands deliver local and personal guest experiences through the use of trusted global brands.

IHG Chief Executive Richard Solomons said the report is an indicator of the significant changes facing the travel and hospitality industry.

"Hotel brands have traditionally concentrated on being 2D – how to be both global and local," Mr Solomons said.

"But our research shows that the rise of personalisation means brands must be 3D in order to build both trust and lasting relationships with guests and to win in a highly competitive global market."

The report surveyed over 7,000 international travellers. 59 per cent said personalisation would make their stay in the hotel significantly more comfortable and 54 per cent said it made them feel more valued.

62 per cent of millennial respondents said the ability to access personal content such as movies and music would encourage them to return to that hotel in future.