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Qantas QView offers a different view from the lounge

Soon the view from the Qantas business class lounge, could be better than the view from the air - with the new Qantas QView Portal providing a host of entertainment on passengers’ smart devices.

The recently launched QView portal, is a new offering available in the airline’s airport lounges to complement their free wi-fi service.

The portal provides access to a range of services designed to keep passengers informed and entertained prior to departure. It beams news, sport and entertainment -plus live flight updates - direct to each passenger’s smart device.

QView is at the heart of an extensive high-tech upgrade to the airline’s lounge network, which also includes HD (High Definition) screens mounted in the lounge. The information displayed on theses screens includes updates, plus the most popular stories from QView which are being read by passengers in the lounge at that particular time. The QView feed in each lounge is also tailored to that region, so you might get more AFL in Melbourne and more rugby in Sydney.

When visitors to a QView-equipped lounge first connect to the free wireless network they are prompted to select their flight. Then while passengers are enjoying the QView content, a banner at the top of their smart device provides them with live updates on their flight, boarding status and the distance to the gate. Passengers can also use QView to plan their inflight viewing, so while they are still on the ground they can be previewing the inflight guide.

All of this innovation represents a world-first, multi-million dollar investment by Qantas that is designed to give passengers more control and to keep them up-to-date. QView is currently available at domestic Qantas Business lounges, plus Qantas Club lounges in major cities. International lounges, beginning with those in Australia and then potentially overseas lounges such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles are earmarked to get QView in the future.

Qantas has also announced a boost to its inflight entertainment from early August, when passengers will be able to choose from 77 more hours of movie content and over 20 more hours of TV. The airline will also carry up-to-date news on domestic and international flights from 1 November, 2014 with the latest bulletins provided by Sky News’ 24/7 newsroom.