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Qantas domestic fare restructure

From 18 February 2015, Qantas will be changing its domestic fare structure. All current fares will be valid until close of business on 17 February 2015.

The new structure includes three fare types, Red eDeals, Flex Fares, and Business Fares. Price differences between fare types will be reduced, making it cheaper to upgrade to the next fare type.

Why is Qantas doing this?

Qantas is simplifying its domestic fare structure to increase efficiency, increase access for passengers to travel on the flights they want and decrease the number of no-shows.

Changes are outlined below:

Red eDeals

Rules for Red eDeals will remain the same.

Flex fares

• Bookings must be paid and issued within 72 hours of reservation or 72 hours prior to scheduled departure (whichever is earlier) 

• Instant purchase is required  for tickets booked within 72 hours prior to departure

• Cancellations will incur a $88 fee

• Waitlist is only permitted for the highest economy class

• No-shows without a cancellation prior to departure will forfeit the entire value of the ticket

Business Fares

• Tickets must be paid and issued at least five hours before departure

• Waitlist only permitted in the highest business class fare

For more information please contact your Travel Manager or Account Manager.