Corporate Traveller

Qantas continues to be business travel favourite

Qantas remains the airline of choice for Australia's business travellers with 77 per cent opting for the national carrier or Qantaslink on their next trip according to Roy Morgan Research.

In contrast, just 54 per cent said they were considering using Virgin Australia or Virgin Australia Regional Airlines and 29 per cent opting for of Jetstar.

Statistics reveal Virgin Australia is closing the gap when it comes to corporate travel in Queensland. In this state, 63 per cent of Australian business travel passengers said they would consider Virgin, compared to the 74 per cent opting for Qantas.

This is a smaller gap of 11 per cent compared to the national average of 23 per cent. Queensland was the only state recording such a close difference between airline preferences.

In New South Wales, 79 per cent of travellers said they were considering Qantas for their next business trip, compared to 52 per cent for Virgin Australia. In Victoria, there was a gap of 24 percentage points between those who would fly Qantas and those who would fly Virgin.

According to Jane Ianniello, international director of tourism, travel and leisure at Roy Morgan, 28 per cent of young and platinum Australians (those aged 25-34) had flown for business during the last 12 months compared to 11 per cent of the total population aged 14 years and above.

This category is characterised by well-educated inner city professionals earning a high income, who tend to be ambitious, hard workers.