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Pay as you go legroom

If having your knees squashed up around your ears is not your idea of fun, you can now pay for extra inflight stretching room. While savvy travellers have long known which seats to request in the economy cabin if they want a bit of extra legroom, the secret is now out. Qantas has identified three seats on their A380’s that boast extra legroom for those passengers who are willing to pay a premium on top of the regular ticket price. Alternatively, frequent flyers can use their points to secure these prime seats.

The economy seats - 71D, 80A and 80K - are in addition to the emergency exit row seats, which already attract a premium price. The three new seat locations can be booked for an additional fee of between $90 and $180 - or by using between 12,000 and 23,500 Qantas points. A similar system is set to be implemented on transcontinental Qantas Airbus A330s, which will have four extra legroom seats. Platinum One-grade frequent flyers will still be able to request these seats at no extra cost, according to the airline.

The move isn’t new of course, with other airlines already charging for extra legroom seats on select domestic and international flights. In addition, Virgin Australia is planning to introduce 42 new ‘economy plus’ seats with extra legroom on its Boeing 777 jets – for an extra fee. 

Meanwhile, Qantas is looking forward to unveiling its new domestic Business Lounge at Perth airport by mid 2015. Construction has started and the finished lounge will have convenient access to Terminals 3 and 4, which are used by Qantas. The contemporary lounge will cater for 350 guests, with a meeting room, conference facilities, a dedicated work zone, stylish dining area and an all-day barista service. Until now Qantas has not had a dedicated business lounge in Perth, which has meant the Qantas Club has often been at capacity especially with the high proportion of fly-in, fly-out workers passing through the airport. The lounge will be open to business class travellers as well as Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyers.