Corporate Traveller

MedicineWise releases timely tips for medicine and travel

If you carry prescription medicine when you're on the road, NPS MedicineWise has some advice to keep you healthy this summer season.

"Most medicines need to be stored under 25°C, so if you’re preparing for a heatwave or hitting the road over the holidays, you might need to use a cooler bag, esky or insulated pouch to store your medicines," NPS MedicineWise Clinical Adviser Dr Andrew Boyden said.

For example, medicines which have been frozen or stored above their recommended maximum temperature may no longer work as intended. Additionally, high heat levels can also cause some medicines to change form and become more difficult to ingest.

The warning is particularly important for those taking medicines to deal with motion sickness during the travel experience.

According NPS MedicineWise, about 30 per cent of people suffer from motion sickness when travelling by various methods including air, car, sea or train.

Dr Boyden emphasises preventative methods as the best tool to avoid motion sickness, such as opting for a seat in the middle of the plane and avoiding reading throughout the flight.

However, when preventive measures don't work medicine may be necessary. In that case, it's important to ensure the medicine has been stored safely and to seek medical advice about its suitability.