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The future of in-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment (IFE) has come a long way since the days of pre-programmed movies and music stations on continual loop.

Most major airlines now offer personal screens for every passenger on international flights as well as on-demand movies, TV shows and music. Access to on-demand entertainment is something most economy class passengers wouldn't have contemplated in the early 1990s however, new technology has made the possibilities endless for IFE.  

Take a look at where airlines will take IFE in the future:  

Increased synchronisation - Airlines will continue to invest in systems that synchronise entertainment with personal electronic devices. Virgin Australia is one airline leading the way in IFE synching through its downloadable app for smart phones and table computers.

Unlimited in-flight wi-fi - Efficient access to onboard wi-fi will become an increasingly important part of air travel and enable passengers to set their own IFE  via streaming through their own devices. In-flight wi-fi is currently available on several airlines albeit with some data restrictions. As the reliance on wi-fi becomes more prevalent, airlines will implement technology to offer a comparable connection and data allowance to what is available on the ground. 

Business Class testing - Keep an eye out on the new tech innovations that airlines are offer in prestige cabins. Airlines often use Business and First Class cabins to test new services prior to fleet wide roll outs. If high definition 3D  movies and games make the transition to the flight deck, they're likely to debut at the pointy end of the plane.