Corporate Traveller

A fresh slice


The hot, sultry days of summer are just around the corner. Nothing beats a refreshing, mouthwatering watermelon.

Wait a minute. We’re a corporate travel company. Why are we going on about a giant fruit?

We’ll give you the juice on that in a moment.

Corporate Traveller’s trademark colour is a reddish pink, otherwise known as watermelon.

But there’s much more to our association with citrus lanatus (that’s the official name for watermelon) than that.

Along with our personalised 24/7 service, guaranteed cost and time savings, flexible payment terms and no contract obligation, we provide a fresh take on business travel. A healthy approach that’s good for you and your business.

When you bring an expert on board, it’s a refreshing way to nourish your company’s objectives.

See where are we going with this?

We really like to sink our teeth into our work. Well beyond booking flights and hotels, we believe in exceptional and personalised service. Corporate Traveller is there for you, over the phone or email, day and night, answering your questions with our expert knowledge. When it comes to arranging your travel needs, the fruits of our labour include money-saving deals and added bonuses. Our customized reporting will show you exactly how much we’ve saved your business.

Isn’t it time to refresh your business travel?  Our innovative solutions will quench your thirst for money-saving techniques and seamless travel. We promise you’ll be satisfied.

Contact one of our Business Development Managers today about bringing fresh travel ideas to your company. We’re healthy for your budget and bottom line, too. (And don’t be surprised if we bring some tasty watermelon to your office.)

When it comes to Corporate Traveller and other travel agencies, the difference is like comparing apples and oranges. Go with watermelon.