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Events are important for regional tourism

Nearly one-quarter of Australians go to events in regional centres, according to Tourism Research Australia (TRA).

TRA's most recent report, Events: Drivers of Regional Tourism, looked at the domestic events as tourism products in Australia, found events are key drivers of tourism to regional centres.

TRA's National Visitor Survey (NVS) found overnight expenditure was split between holiday (51 per cent), visiting friends and relatives (23 per cent), business travel (23 per cent) and other (4 per cent). 58 per cent of all trips within Australia were to regional centres with visitors spending approximately $34 billion.

The report also highlighted how events could be used to promote regional tourism. Promotion techniques included providing affordable packages and bundling for event attendance and providing a variety of ticketing options based on the needs of the travel parties.

The majority of respondents in the regional tourism report (63 per cent) selected value for money was the best way to encourage event attendance. Other answers included ease of finding accommodation (36 per cent) and getting to events (34 per cent).

Social media and word-of-mouth were also found to be good opportunities for event promotion.

"Promotion is vital to the success of regional events and when this can be improved it brings more visitors to regional Australia" said TRA's Acting Chief Economist, Tim Quinn.

The research was co-funded by TRA, the South Australian Tourism Commission and Tourism Victoria.