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Emirates reflects on 2013 success

Emirates proved a popular choice for business travellers in 2013 with its aircraft circling the earth more than 18,000 times throughout the year.

The carrier's fleet travelled 751 million kilometres. A total of 164,635 flights were completed, carrying in excess of 43 million global passengers.

"We continue to raise the bar in the industry with investment, innovation and the expansion of our services globally, bringing unrivalled value for money to the millions who travel with us," said Emirates President Tim Clark.

He also reflected on the fifth anniversary of the Emirates A380, which has now carried over 18 million passengers on more than 45,000 flights.

The double decker aircraft has now been deployed to Los Angeles, creating the longest A380 service at a total of 16 hours and 20 minutes.

Mr Clark acknowledged that while the double decker aircraft was a gamble, Emirates is convinced it has now paid off.

"Our customers love it, and it is one of the most efficient aircraft to operate today in terms of fuel burn per passenger," he said.

During 2013, Emirates received 24 new aircraft including several Airbus A380s, Boeing 777s and 777 freighters. The carrier also launched nine new passenger routes including Stockholm, Algiers, Warsaw and Tokyo's Haneda airport.

In November 2013, the airline placed the largest ever order for new aircraft as it set its sights on 150 Boeing 777Xs.