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Emirates' new inflight feature for visually impaired

In an industry first, blind or visually impaired travellers can now enjoy audio descriptions of in-flight entertainment on Emirates' flights.

The airline now offers descriptive soundtracks for 16 Disney movies consisting of audio commentary dubbed over sections of film where there is no dialogue.

Descriptive soundtracks narrate the action on screen in the absence of audio cues without disrupting the flow of the movie. The commentary includes descriptions of scenes, settings, props, costumes and body language.

Emirates introduced closed captions on their in-flight entertainment in 2007 for people with auditory difficulties and now offers closed captions on more than 50 movies.

Emirates' Vice President of Corporate Communications Product, Publishing, Digital & Events Patrick Brannelly said Emirates was committed to making in flight entertainment accessible to all of their customers.

"Making entertainment accessible to our diverse customers is very important to us. It was our motivation to introduce movies that can be enjoyed by customers with visual difficulties," Mr Brannelly said.

"In future, we want to add more content with Audio Description, so visually impaired passengers can be entertained with an even wider choice of content when flying with us."

Emirates also assists blind or visually impaired passengers at the airport with their Meet and Assist service at the airport. On the flight they also offer safety briefing cards in Braille and menu options are read to passengers on request.

Emirates was named the World's Best Airline In-flight Entertainment at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2014.