Corporate Traveller

Corporate travel may be hit with carry-on crackdown

Passengers have agreed with United Airlines' recent crackdown on the size of carry-on baggage according to the latest YouGov Omnibus survey.

United Airlines passengers now must prove their bags are smaller than the maximum allowance on domestic and Canadian routes. According to the research, 32 per cent of respondent support the restrictions with half of those who have flown in the past year supporting tighter rules on hand luggage restrictions.

Slightly less than half of all respondents thought other travellers took too much carry on luggage with more than half of also saying airlines should reduce charges for additional checked luggage to minimise excessive carry-on luggage.

United Airlines currently charges $25 per checked bag on domestic and Canadian flights and $35 for a second bag.

A quarter of those surveyed, and a third or frequent flyers, were reluctant to check luggage due to the risk of theft in airports and mishandled baggage.