Corporate Traveller

Business travel within Australia is increasing

Australian business travellers are spending more and increasing their frequency of overnight stays in Australia according to a new report from Tourism Research Australia (TRA).

The TRA's recent National Visitor Survey released found the number of overnight trips within Australia has reached record levels and overall domestic travel totaled more than $52 billion from March 2013-14.

"The higher level of overnight trips and expenditure was reported across all purpose of visit categories, with the largest increases being for those travelling for business or visiting friends or relatives," said TRA's Chief Economist Dr Leo Jago.

While domestic business travel contributed to the increase in domestic overnight trips and expenditure, spending from international business visitors decreased by nearly two per cent in the same period.

Business travel accounted for more than $17 billion in total visitor expenditure for the year ending March 2014, an increase of almost three per cent.

While this is good news for Australian businesses, the strong Australian dollar forced only a minor increase in the domestic holiday sector. 

Total expenditure from international and domestic visitors increased four per cent on the previous year to more than $100 billion. South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales all experienced growth in tourism during this period.