Corporate Traveller

Business travel in economy class: A new trend?

Surveys are showing an increased number of business travellers taking the economy route rather than the usual business airfares.

A recent information from American Express Business Travel Barometer found European companies were looking to implement more cost control measures, despite almost one in five anticipating an increase in the travel budget for 2014.

Booking with lower-cost carriers and securing seats in economy rather than business class are just two of the ways companies are reducing travel costs.

Sitting in the economy cabin isn't so bad though, there are several things you can do to make the journey more enjoyable. Connecting to in-flight entertainment through personal electronic device (PED) with apps like Virgin Australia's can help take the pass the time on shorter domestic flights.

Likewise, using a PED with your own entertainment library means you have even more options for passing the time in-flight.

Companies looking to revamp their travel policies may also benefit from the assistance of an experienced travel manager, in order to ensure the new guidelines don't compromise the experience for employees.