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The best binge-worthy shows for your layover time

Taking time out to catch up on your favourite TV show is a great way to unwind during layover time or on a flight. The rise of tablet computers has not only helped business travellers be more productive on the road, it’s also enabled passengers around the world to be in charge of their own in flight entertainment program.   After a long day of meetings, work and getting from A to B, kicking back with a few episodes of your favourite show can be just the thing to forget your inbox, chill out and not worry about the number of hours you still have until you plane departs or lands.   So what shows should you add to your tablet library? Corporate Traveller has compiled a list of the best binge-worthy series that will make your travel downtime a little more bearable.   Fire up your portable device, head to your online store and take a look at:   The League Anyone who’s entered an office footy tipping competition will appreciate the trash talking, mate-against-mate humour of this series.  The bite sized episodes follow the antics of five friends who ruthlessly pursue victory, and coveted bragging rights, in a winner take all fantasy football competition. Non-NFL fans might miss the occasional inside reference but The League’s rapid fire gags are sure to deliver a chuckle after a hectic day.   Game of Thrones Season four has just kicked off and if you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of meetings and café lattes, there’s no better place than the fantastic world of Westeros. Featuring everything you could want from a fantasy setting including large scale battles, political deception and even a few dragons, Game of Thrones is an ideal time filler for a long flight as stopping at just one episode is harder than staying alive in its fictional world.   Breaking Bad It would have been difficult to avoid the hype about this acclaimed series, even after it came to an end in 2013. Walter White’s journey from mild mannered chemistry teacher to criminal mastermind won critical praise, a slew of industry awards and a cult audience. If missing it has kept you out of conversations at the water cooler, now’s the time to add it to your tablet library with every season currently available at the iTunes Store and on Google Play.   The IT Crowd If you work in an office, chances are you’ll recognise one or more of the characters in this show. For most of us, the IT department is a mysterious place where tech wizards speak in another language and this terrific BBC comedy does little to contradict the stereotype. With just six episodes per season, you can easily finish one while on the average interstate flight and have a laugh while doing it.    The Wire You won’t find anything resembling David Caruso and his sunglasses in this gritty police drama. The Wire takes you on a sprawling journey covering everything from the seedy underbelly of Baltimore’s tough streets to the horse trading and back channeling of City Hall. Less a show and more a visual novel, the series expertly blurs the line between good guys and bad guys and despite a huge cast and multiple storylines, you’ll never get confused. Just make sure your device is fully charged before pressing play. The Wire is so addictive that cutting out during an episode is likely to ruin the rest of your flight.    The Sopranos No Scorsese movies on your in flight entertainment? Pull out your tablet and catch up with Tony Soprano as he struggles to balance his life as New Jersey’s mob boss with the demands of his wife and children. Regarded as the show that elevated television drama to the next level, The Sopranos may be the only series you need to carry with you as its powerful storytelling delivers incredible re-watch value.    Curb your Enthusiasm The mockumentry series following the misadventures of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David is the perfect antidote to a serious day on the road. Social faux pas and human behavior are regularly questioned and ridiculed as Larry navigates his network of famous and neurotic friends. The authenticity of the show’s humour will likely have you seeing the world a little differently, just make sure you don’t react the way he does around colleagues.