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Australia to New Zealand in less than 5 hours door-to-door

Boosting tourism to Australia from New Zealand and other Asian markets is central to a new report by the Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF).

The report entitled Bringing our Neighbour Closer, proposes reforms to increase the number of New Zealanders visiting Australia.

There are approximately 1.2 million visitors from New Zealand each year representing one of the highest proportions of business travellers to Australia in the world.

"Streamlining check-in and customs and quarantine procedures at major airports would make flying from New Zealand to Australia like a domestic service, cutting travel times by around 25 per cent," said TTF Acting Chief Executive Trent Zimmerman.

The target travel time is less than five hours.

Some of the key recommendations in the report are to decrease the travel time needed at major Australian airports and allow more regional airports to facilitate trans-Tasman flights. The improved flight times would include direct flights from New Zealand to Canberra, Newcastle, Hobart, Avalon and other regional airports in Queensland and New South Wales.

The report also states that common visas between New Zealand and Australia should be introduced so Asian visitors can visit both countries in the one trip.

Australian and New Zealand relations will benefit from easier travel procedures explained Mr Zimmerman. If the reforms recommended in the report are implemented, up to 200,000 more New Zealanders could be making the trip across the Tasman by 2020.

Furthermore, the common visa has the potential to attract an additional 187,000 visitors from countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The reforms could generate an additional $280 million in expenditure, creating jobs and business opportunities in Australia.