Corporate Traveller

Travel Apps to Live By

Most of us would agree that an age without technology is cringe-worthy. When you are on the go your best travel companion is almost always your smartphone.

1. Wi-Fi Map
Travelling internationally and perhaps worried about extremely slow data? Or even worse no data at all. For whatever the reason, Wi-Fi Map works to spot the nearest free Wi-Fi networks anywhere you are around the world. The app even populates a list of password-protected and free public Wi-Fi networks anywhere. Stay connected with Wi-Fi Map. 
Cost: Free

2. Spotted by locals
Access insider recommendations and travel like a local. Locals can sign up to be “spotters” submit their own content for travellers who want to steer away from touristy spots. Enjoy first-hand advice from the people that know the area best. Never be lost or out of the loop!
Cost: Free

3. Corporate Traveller Mobile - Serko
If you are a client of Corporate Traveller then you have exclusive access to this travel-savvy app right in your pocket. The Corporate Traveller Mobile app is ready to book your flights and accommodation all while keeping track of your plans in a single interface. Look forward to updates straight to your smart device via push notifications if your flight is canceled or delayed. Once you arrive at your destination receive live weather updates and driving directions. 
Cost: Free

4. XE Currency
It’s not easy to keep track of your money when you constantly have to think in a foreign currency. Moreover, wasting your per diem while overseas is frustrating, to say the least. Unlike most currency exchange apps, rest assured with live exchange rates no matter where work takes you. XE Currency even calculates your credit card international transaction fees, if any. Never waste your per diem again!
Cost: Free

5. CityMaps2Go

Never get lost again with access to over 7,000 destination maps world-wide alongside articles and suggestions at the tip of your fingers. The app even works offline for those travellers who have limited data plans while abroad. Travellers exploring the maps can set pins to bookmark places of interest.
Cost: Free (pro version $14.99)

6. LoungeBuddy
Regular travellers understand the frustration of delayed or canceled flights. Here is an app for those trips where you’re stuck waiting at an airport. Simply input your frequent flier account details and the app generates a list of airport lounges you can enter for free at your airport.
The app even features an option to search fee-based lounges for reviews and amenity details before you pay to enter. 

Cost: Free