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How engaged is your workforce?

Is your workforce engaged with the big picture objectives of your business? Gallup research shows a mere 24 per cent of employees can be classed as engaged. This means they're involved in, enthusiastic and committed to their duties and their workplace.

Engaged employees perform better and are more committed to achieving business objectives and success.

Moreover, a business with an engaged workforce is more likely to outperform its competition.

Increasing engagement in the workplace relies on several key criteria.

 - Purpose - an employee knowing how their work contributes to the goals and success of the business.

 - Opportunity for growth - where employees feel they can develop in their roles and have belief their leaders support them.

 - Work environment - the extent to which employees feel they are able to voice their ideas, and have leaders who listen and value their employees’ contributions.

 - Empowerment - where employees feel empowered to deliver and given the opportunity to take responsibility for their outcomes.

 - Reward and recognition - where employees feel valued, cared for and remunerated appropriately. 

Why workplace engagement matters

Engagement means employees are not just working for money or recognition but are working to realise the company's objectives.

Engaged employees have an emotional commitment to their goals and as a result, regularly go the extra mile to get the job done.

Staff who are motivated to regularly put additional effort are a key element to achieving better business outcomes and boosting the customer experience.

Increasing your level of engagement 

Engaging employees requires consistent innovation, effort and investment.

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