Corporate Traveller

Does organising group travel give you headaches?

Our specialist team at Corporate Traveller has all the knowledge and skills to help you beat the logistical nightmare of getting your group from A to B and back again.

Whether it's a conference, educational or sporting trip, or a incentive package, the experts at Corporate Traveller will help you organise and streamline even the most complex of itineraries and travel requirements.

With Corporate Traveller you'll have access to:

  • A dedicated Group Travel Manager from start to finish 
  • After-hours emergency assistance
  • Design and execution of all aspects of your event
  • Venue and site inspections
  • Group airfares that maximise flexibility for delegates
  • Flexible payment options

You can also take advantage of our user friendly technology for easy registration and communication.

Contact Corporate Traveller now and talk to the team that will take the pressure off organising your next group event.