Corporate Traveller

The Changing Face of Corporate Travel

The corporate travel industry has undergone significant changes over the past ten years, with advances in technology and the follow on changes in traveller behaviour having a huge impact. 

Here are a few of the top changes we've seen and how they have benefitted our travellers:

The rise of online booking tools

Gone are the days when you had to pick up the phone to book your business travel through your Travel Management Company. While it’s still an option, many companies are opting to self-manage the day-to-day running of their business travel program with tools such as Corporate Traveller Online where you can access the best rates and fares in one place specific to your company’s travel policy - and capture all your spending data for easy reconciliation.

Increasing airline competition and alliances

With an increasingly global workforce airlines are constantly adding new routes and brokering new partnerships to extend their global reach. In the past month alone, American Airlines and United Airlines started up routes from Auckland to the US. This means travellers have more options to choose from which can drive the price point down.

Onboard advances

Not only has the interior of aircraft undergone a makeover and the quality of airline food increased substantially but the introduction of wifi capabilities on some aircraft has allowed business travellers to stay connected and prepare for meetings while in the air. 


Passports are now chipped and scanned to aid quicker customs clearance, reducing the time business travellers must spend at the airport and allowing for a more streamline travel experience in turn facilitating increased capacity for travellers.


With technology like smart phones and tablets advancing in leaps and bounds it is easy to check in for your flight with just a couple of clicks. Most airlines and TMC’s like Corporate Traveller also have apps where you can confirm if your flight is on time so you know about any delays as soon as they come up and can plan accordingly.