Corporate Traveller

Bag savings on excess luggage

Reducing your excess baggage fees before takeoff can save you a lot at the check-in counter.

Traveling light isn’t always an option, especially if you’re taking some leisure time in conjunction with a business trip. Whether it’s sporting equipment or just an extra suitcase, there are a number of strategies you can use to increase your luggage capacity and reduce the impact to your hip pocket.

Be savvy with your suppliers

Excess baggage allowances vary between airlines, so work with your travel manager to select carriers that give the most cost-effective options. Some airline loyalty programs relax luggage weight restrictions for members, so exploring different options can pay dividends through higher levels of membership.

Get in early with groups

If you need travel bookings for a large group, ask your Travel Manager to investigate excess baggage discounts with preferred carriers. Your Travel Manager can directly negotiate with airlines to reduce excess baggage fees for large groups and save each individual an unwelcome charge at check in. 

Take fewer pieces of luggage

Determine whether your airline uses the piece system or the weight system and pack accordingly. Checking in three smaller pieces of luggage may end up costing you more despite them being under the weight limit. 

Pre-pay if possible

If you can't avoid having excess baggage, find out whether the airline will let you pre-pay the fee online. Paying online before you head to the airport is usually the cheapest option for carrying excess baggage, just make sure you take the receipt to the airport.

Share the load

If you are traveling with one or two other people, checking in together can allow you to share the load. If the allowance for three people is 69kg and your combined checked luggage doesn't exceed that, you may be able to avoid a fee even if your own luggage is more than 23kg.

Pay when you book low-cost travel

If you're flying with a low-cost carrier that doesn't accommodate checked luggage in the fare, see if the airline will give you the option to pay a minimum fee for excess baggage at the time of booking. This will be far cheaper than what you will have to pay at the airport.