Corporate Traveller

11 reasons to bring an expert on board

When it comes to business travel, nothing beats having an expert on board.

Expert travel management can open up a world of savings and efficiencies for your organisation.

While there are many cost reduction strategies that can  be applied to an organisation’s travel program, for small  to medium sized enterprises the secret is knowing what the best strategies are and how they can be applied to your individual business.

Below you will find eleven different ways to reduce your business travel costs including a wide range of advice, tips and strategies. Put into place all eleven cost saving strategies and your business will be well on the way to achieving outstanding results with your company travel now and into the future.

Reason 01 - Airfare expertise

Corporate Traveller consultants are the best in the industry. 

Most have graduated through the ranks of our retail businesses and as a result, when it comes to airfares, their product knowledge and  skills are second to none. This is what enables them to deliver savings to your bottom line.

Your Corporate Traveller expert has an enormous amount of experience and because we’re passionate about travel, we invest substantially in training for our consultants from day one.

We take product knowledge seriously – it’s why we stand out from the crowd. Corporate Traveller is also committed to the ongoing development of our people through our own Corporate Academy where agents can reach Gold, Diamond and Platinum Expert level, airline-direct training days, conferences and advanced airfare training courses.

Even our experts have experts – our Specialist Fares Desk provides support for our consultants and is made up of the super airfare professionals and there’s no tip, trick or secret this team doesn’t know.

Reason 02 - Dedicated personal and flexible service

Your business will benefit from high-touch travel assistance delivered by small teams who develop an in-depth understanding of your business.

Dedicated personal service means your business will be appointed its own travel manager who will focus on your travel requirements, build strong relationships with your team and align themselves with your needs. We become an extension of your team to ensure we know your business needs inside and out.

We have a unique incentive model within Corporate Traveller. Each travel manager runs their own business with total ownership and accountability. We have found this leads to motivated people who are eager to ensure the client is completely satisfied every time.

Reason 03 - Access to the widest range of best priced product

Corporate Traveller is backed by the global negotiating strength of Flight Centre Travel Group Limited. No matter what size your business is, you will have access to the widest range of product at the best rates.

We take product knowledge seriously – it’s why we stand out from the crowd. All Corporate Traveller clients have access to SmartSTAY and SmartDRIVE, both of which offer a wide range of discounted services, bonus offers and value-add services for hotels and car hire.

Your Corporate Traveller expert works hard to ensure you always have access to the best rates and all have many years of experience in the travel industry under their belt. Your travel expert is always armed with the tools to deliver bottom line savings to your business.


Reason 04 - Industry leading technology

One of the best ways to maximise efficiencies in your travel is through online technology. There is a vast range of travel technology available in today’s market but the key is to understand which option will deliver the best savings to your business.

Partner with the right travel expert and you will have access to industry leading technology for booking, reporting and expense management.

Our online booking tool has no licensing fees and pre-trip authorisation is no problem – it’s the perfect tool for end-to-end travel management and can be configured to suit your needs.


Reason 05 - No contracts and a competitive fee structure

Our business model is based on service and people, and we firmly believe our clients should have a choice. By providing exceptional customer service and great value, we build strong relationships and maintain client loyalty.

Living up to our commitment to deliver great value, we are proud to  say that our fee structure is one of the most competitive in the market.

You’ll also benefit from access to exclusive client offers from a  range of travel industry suppliers to drive savings and value for your travel program.

With Corporate Traveller there are no fixed contracts, just expert travel service.


Reason 06 - Flexible payment options

We aim to make all aspects of managing your travel easier and that includes paying for it. 

There are a number of ways for you to manage payments with Corporate Traveller.

Direct credit on account is by far the most popular with the majority of our clients opting for this solution, citing ease of payment and three options of 7, 14 and 30 credit days as the reason for the choice.

We can also accept payment by cheque as well as direct debit options. Alternatively, you can operate a trading account and pay by credit card or by an airline travel card.

We also offer the option to have your travellers charge back to Corporate Traveller, saving you time and money processing expense claims.


Reason 07 - Total travel solution

We’ve already mentioned our airfare expertise and access to product, so it’s no surprise that Corporate Traveller offers a complete portfolio of travel services including airfares, hotels, car hire, ferries, transfers, passport, visa processing, foreign exchange as well as insurance requirements. And when it’s something a little different you’re after,  such as a private jet, charter boat or another totally unique request,  we won’t blink an eye. Whatever you need, we’ll do our best to  make it happen. 

To help you keep track of all your travel details, Corporate Traveller  has a mobile app designed specifically for business travellers. You  can view your itinerary, check-in online, receive travel warnings, traffic delays on main airport routes, view a currency convertor, destination guides and more.

Utilising their expertise, your travel manager will also assist you in implementing ‘best practice’ booking, buying and operating processes so your business is in a excellent position to leverage savings through smarter travel management.

Reason 08 - 24 hour emergency assist

With a mobile workforce, it’s vital your travelling employees have access to personal and experienced travel managers when an emergency strikes.

Your travel manager is your central point of contact and will also be able to assess what alternatives are available during major flight disruptions  to ensure there is minimal disruption to your people.

You’ll also have access to our New Zealand-based emergency assist team when something occurs beyond regular business hours. This isn’t a call centre, it’s part of our business and as such, we can immediately assist you when you call.

For many businesses, time is money and when your employee time is being spent waiting in airports or trying to re-book travel during an emergency – the delay will come at a cost to your business.

When it comes to traveller safety the involvement of an experienced travel manager is a crucial part of managing the risks of a mobile work force, they will advise on best practice, help facilitate risk management strategies and provide a central point of contact.

Reason 09 - Exclusive leisure deals

As part of the package when bringing Corporate Traveller on board you will receive access to our exclusive leisure travel deals.

We can sign anybody in your organisation up to receive these deals.

This unique and FREE employee benefit can enhance staff satisfaction and increase employee productivity.

Our exclusive deals save your staff precious time searching for holidays often during office hours, whilst giving them access to some of the best rates in the market. It’s also a great way to keep staff fresh by enticing them to use annual leave and take a relaxing holiday.

Reason 10 - Global reach

Bringing an expert on board gives you access to our broad range of corporate and leisure travel product.

With Corporate Traveller, there is no need to trawl the internet for hours for last minute hotel rates, we’ll source you the best rate of the day quickly and accurately. As part of Flight Centre Travel Group Limited, Corporate Traveller has access to the largest selection of hotel rates from around the world and our contractors negotiate the best rates based on a collective number of room nights.

We have access to multiple inventory platforms including global programs such as our global airfares desk and wholesale options with our global hotel program and online inventory to source product from.

Corporate Traveller is a true global company and is located in seven countries around the world including all the main business hubs,  which means wherever your travellers are, we’re not too far away.

Reason 11 - Account management

Partner with Corporate Traveller and we can offer you a number of touch points and channels of communication. With a dedicated account manager on board you will be given professional advice and ongoing assistance to maximise your travel budget.

We have an extensive suite of reports that are on offer to clients of Corporate Traveller, your account manager will provide advice on which reports are best for you, they will then help you analyse your reports and make recommendations on how to leverage further  savings moving forward.

Your account manager is also another asset to help you negotiate supplier contracts, with this enhanced focus you can rest assured that every cost saving opportunity is explored for overall financial  benefit of your business. 

We encourage you to treat your account manager as an extension of your team – they are there to look out for any tip or trick that can help your business save money.