Corporate Traveller

Helping Southern Spars get where they need to be

Specialising in the design and construction of carbon fibre spars, components, rigging and rig servicing, Auckland-based Southern Spars pride themselves on pushing technological limits, allowing them to produce an unrivalled number of industry ‘world firsts’. Having built the world’s first carbon fibre spar in 1990, the company has since pursued and grown their passion to now offer services worldwide, including strategically positioned Rig Pro service centres in New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Spain - all backed up by a dedicated mobile team ensuring a truly global service solution. 

With headquarters based in New Zealand and extended operations branching to four corners of the world, company staff and corporate personnel often found themselves requiring travel to specific locations, at short notice and within tight time frames. With  the need to create elaborate travel schedules, this additional workload began to drain the companies resources and time, which is why Southern Spars decided to bring an expert on board – Corporate Traveller – helping to invest considerable attention, knowledge and energy into effectively managing their comprehensive travel needs. 

Since partnering with Corporate Traveller, Southern Spars have been able to offload the task of developing tailor-made travel plans, helping their staff and personnel to effectively meet their clients’ needs, promote products, communicate product updates and deliver services successfully both in New Zealand and across the globe.