Corporate Traveller

Helping OfficeMax create effective solutions

Global company OfficeMax is a leading distributor of; office supplies, paper, technology products and solutions, packaging supplies and equipment, health and hygiene products, cafeteria supplies, machines and furniture. As a leader in both business-to-business office products solutions and retail office products they work with large, medium and small businesses, education providers and consumers. 

Prior to embarking on their relationship with Corporate Traveller, OfficeMax used internal resources to book their travel. Being a global company, they had staff regularly requiring air travel, hotel accommodation and car hire. The OfficeMax team were trying to juggle their regular duties as well as booking all travel. A lack of systemised booking procedures meant a lot of time was spent researching and booking travel. It soon became apparent that the system was neither effective nor efficient.

Since bringing an expert on board, OfficeMax has worked closely with Corporate Traveller to create effective solutions to their challenges and ensure their business needs were met.